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Present Mobile Phones on the occasion of 1st of January

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In these days gifts should be valuable and effective. So, I think mobile phones gift can be a better gift for the New Year. iPhone is the world’s most famous mobile phone so, you can present a iphone to your friend on the occasion. Why you should present iPhone as a gift on the occasion read a iphone review by a blog which is below:

"Apple iPhone 3G announced to launch for all the customer in world. Before it iPhone was available in UK and US basically. Here we know something different about iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G features:


It contains:

Microsoft Exchange
Mobile Me
Yahoo! Mail

It is browsing system of iPhone.


It is included with iPhone 3G to listen music.

SMS Messeging

To send massage


To locate geography and map in the world.


To access Video.

Camera & Photos

To manage albums.

Stocks, Weather & Notes

It is application of iPhone to check stocks rate, see the weather and write a notes.


You can choose songs from more than 6 Million Songs.

App Store

Here you can find out latest application of iPhone.

A review shows that Apple iPhone customer income has about $100,000. It is about 43% people. But after iPhone the growth rate of customer are 48% who have about $25,000 to $75,000 income.

Apple iPhone

Something which require for iPhone are:

It IS fatter 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3mm verses the original’s 115 x 61 x 11.6mm

The sleek metal back is now plastic. It may be less slippy to hold but what about durability and build quality?

GPS is rudimentary working from a top down view, no 3D mapping

Screen resolution remains unchanged at 480 x 320 when many rivals have adopted VGA

Incredibly Bluetooth A2DP is still left off so no wireless music enjoyment

Video recording unbelievably remains absent

No front mounted video camera, no 3G video calling

Camera unchanged at two megapixels and no mention of any upgrades (flash, autofocus, etc) this one is a huge let down.

No details of offline mapping. It’s likely to cost a pretty penny it seems

8GB and 16GB capacities remain, no 32GB edition for now

Steve didn’t define the 3G (7.2Mbit had been rumoured) and it isn’t specified even now

No wider codec support (AVI/DivX/Xvid remain a distant dream)

The dock has been removed from the bundle as Apple strips out costs just as it did when the iPod evolved (it seems unlikely the old dock will fit the curvier profile too)

No announcement of Flash for the web browser

People count these as bad things of iPhone which are not in iPhone.

iPhone vs G1 mobile reviews shows that Google Android based mobile is more faster than iPhone. T-Mobile G1 is 2 time faster than iPhone. “The G1 loaded the page in 12.69 seconds and the iPhone 3G took 23.16 seconds”.

In the review all mobile are slower than Google mobile. It was tasted on Samsung Omnia which is also touchscreen phone."

Source Via :Something Secret About iPhone 3G