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Shopping for Karwa Chauth

Monday, October 29, 2007

Toady is Karwa Chauth. Karwa Chauth is a festival of prosperity, well-being and longevity of their husbands. Now it is a symbol of festival in all over the country. This festival is celebrated by keeping faster and applying henna. This day people exchange of gifts also.

This days shopping is most important because the festival give a new look of women who has kept fasting. Karwa Chauth is growing festival and in this festival items is used which is traditional like- henna, beauty product, new clothes, jewelry etc.

This festival is celebrated in basically Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. The day is for married women. They keep a fast for their husband long life. So to choose a suitable gift and proper shopping is headache for the entire husband.

This day most important is shopping because the festival of new life, new energy and prosperity of entire husband. And this days main shopping is Saris, Kurta, Bangles, jewelry and the entire shopping take a place related to woman. Today I am seeing in Delhi, all the women and young girl are busy in applying in henna on their palm and going for shopping all the days. They are very happy with their husband. But some are far away with his wife, like me.

Present a creative gift

Saturday, October 27, 2007

When we think about our children to present a gift them then we get confusion because children are very sensitive and much learner in the world. So to choose a proper gift for our children is a very difficult task to us.

Always present a creative gift to your children it will help them to learn more thing and by this they will use their mind. It will be an exercised for their mind. But keep in mind that they are not very typical. It should be funny and according to the development of that children’s mind.

Creative thing always should be positive. So keep in mind that your gift makes an impression on your children character and nature. Positive thing always give a satisfaction and will create a thought which will be positive.

In this situation it will be difficult to you choosing a perfect gift for your children. I can suggest to you some creative gift to your children which will be creative and you should always think about your child that what will be a perfect gift for him because they are the future your and our country.

First think I think if your child is much little then present them visible things and that may very attractive like – tidy bear, photography and books which are write up by large alphabetical or numerical. With all this you should spend more time with your child. If your child is 8-12 then gift him stories book. As much as much he will study that book his attraction towards book will be increased and it is very good habit. Along with you can present a gift to him video game, music instruments, computer etc. You can give him some creative work like – make a cartoon, make a picture, write a story etc.

And lastly, keep in mind, all the positive gift will lead your children in positive direction.

Diwali Gift

Friday, October 19, 2007

We all know, Diwali is a big and holy festival to us. We all are decorating and cleaning our house. We are going for shopping also and lots of thing we purchase.

Diwali will come soon. We all think about that. What should be shopping for that and what types of gift should be present in our friend community. With it most of company are presenting gift offer on their products. People also waiting for diwali to purchase new things. Everywhere has advertised with Diwali Dhamaka.

People said Diwali is the festival of festivals. People are worshiping that day from very morning. It is very difficult to what types of gift should be present to our friend and how should be purchasing? But I have decided to purchase lots of sweets and distribute them. I will gift to my friend a Jeans and T-shirts. And my wife I will gift my wish because she is far away from me this time. I will send to her a Diwali Card also.

Gift to My Wife

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The era in which we live is for money. Who have money can live with enjoyment. Who have not money then they can hardly to eat properly. I am telling you my story. I am now married. My wife is house wife. Last year we have got love married. She is very innocent. She had told last year, “I am fasting Karwa Chouth for you. You will have to present me a Mobile Phone on the occasion.” I sure her that I surely present her a Mobile Phone next year. My wife was agree. I was thing regularly that next year I sure present her a gift pack with Mobile Phone. After some time she left my house because her father took way her. With our marriage life her father was not ready. But we can’t live separately. She calls me regularly. When I call her father doesn’t transfer my call to her.

In spite of she called me again this year and make me remember my word, “You had told me last year to gift me a Mobile Phone what happened about that.” I was unable to say anything. But I said to her, “You have no need to mobile on your father house. I make sure when you will come to me I will gift to you a Mobile Phone.” She nothing argued with me. Actually, this time again I have not money to send her a mobile phone. I am disappointment. But my wife never pressures me to gift.

But I think when she will come to me I will present her Nokia N77 Mobile Phone because I like this Phone.

Nokia N93

Birthday gift and Party

Monday, October 15, 2007

Gift Basket

Everyone knows that India is the country of festival and people are sharing their emotion to present some gift. Now a day’s people are enjoying presenting some gift because the tradition to present a gift has made Indian society known to each other. To present oneself to his first friend or in office to introduce ones boss it is necessary to present some gift.

If your brother or sisters are celebrating birth day party then it is thinkable to you that what gift would be suitable to present them. At first you want to arrange a party to your community and after that you go for shopping.

Shopping Mall

If you go in your girl friend or boy friend birthday party then what would you do? I think it is most fashionable in the age because every girl or boy wants to enjoy on their birth day occasion. Celebrating the party with boy friend or girl friend and on that situation they mostly go in mall to visit cinema hall, shopping and restaurant.

Introduction to Gifts and Shopping

Friday, October 12, 2007

In the age of science and technology it is difficult to spend more time to search a suitable gift for our friends. Whether the birth day occasion or valentine people want to present a memorable gift to their friends or valentine. The fashion of gift has dragged in shopping. People don’t stop them to present a simple gift. They are going for shopping and restaurants. So shopping has gotten a great position in youth class to present a gift to their girlfriend.
Beautiful Rose

In this context if people find exact choice then they save their time and with it they get applause from their friends. So the main purpose of this blog to contribute some information related to gift and shopping. On which occasion which types of gift or shopping should be appear in our mind it is very tough things.