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Gift to My Wife

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The era in which we live is for money. Who have money can live with enjoyment. Who have not money then they can hardly to eat properly. I am telling you my story. I am now married. My wife is house wife. Last year we have got love married. She is very innocent. She had told last year, “I am fasting Karwa Chouth for you. You will have to present me a Mobile Phone on the occasion.” I sure her that I surely present her a Mobile Phone next year. My wife was agree. I was thing regularly that next year I sure present her a gift pack with Mobile Phone. After some time she left my house because her father took way her. With our marriage life her father was not ready. But we can’t live separately. She calls me regularly. When I call her father doesn’t transfer my call to her.

In spite of she called me again this year and make me remember my word, “You had told me last year to gift me a Mobile Phone what happened about that.” I was unable to say anything. But I said to her, “You have no need to mobile on your father house. I make sure when you will come to me I will gift to you a Mobile Phone.” She nothing argued with me. Actually, this time again I have not money to send her a mobile phone. I am disappointment. But my wife never pressures me to gift.

But I think when she will come to me I will present her Nokia N77 Mobile Phone because I like this Phone.

Nokia N93