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Shopping portals to buy things

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why we use shopping portals to buy things? that's the questions evolve and create many things. The reason is we get the things at cheap rate. we can compare prices from the things which we buying from market.Interesting article on the science of supermarket shopping, though I'm not sure the bread smell being pumped to the entrance isn't just an urban myth - please advise on any specific supermarkets known to do this and I'll happily be proved wrong... Now flowers at the front of store, that is more obvious. Provides the fresh scent, and lets face it who ever puts fresh flowers on the shopping list ? Definately an unplanned purchase.

Ethical trading has become a hot topic. It is, of course, all about not exploiting the maker, to get the cheapest goods to your home. We've got used to seeing the Fairtrade label on coffee packets and bananas, but this is an issue that's also making waves in interiors.

Consumer demand is turning fair trade into big bucks. And the big brands are now reaping the commercial benefits of ethical trading practices developed over many years by numerous small traders - slowly and with difficulty.

And, away from the big stores, attractive imported products for the home are now in some of London's more conscientious and adventurous shops. They are increasingly not just "good", but gorgeous, with an intrinsic handmade appeal.